Mist furniture range

Designed by Kimlyn Harbottle

Beyond centring our furniture on regenerative principles, Man + Wife creates furniture informed by traditional South African production methods and materials, drawing from the diverse cultures in our country and designing considered pieces that are a contemporary take on the modernist safari aesthetic. Our furniture is unique to our location.

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Sustainable furniture, couch, made from natural and recycled locally sourced materials. Couch is finished in recyclable fabric. Port Elizabeth, Gqeberha, South Africa. Eastern Cape
Sustainable furniture, Ottoman, made from sustainable locally sourced indigenous wood, with a cushion made from regenerative leather, filled with recycled felt. Port Elizabeth, Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Sustainable furniture Coffee table made for sustainably sourced indigenous wood. Port Elizabeth, Gqeberha, South Africa.
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Mist's story

The mist furniture range is our first range to focus on regenerative, sustainable and locally sourced materials. Our goal for this range of furniture was to be able to know where all the materials come from and each link in the supply chain. Although we are not quite there we have made huge steps to achieve that goal.

To source the wool that fulls the cushions in the couch we visited the first farm worldwide to have their wool certified EOV (regenerative) just outside Hogsback we then travelled to Butterworth to see the processing facility to meet the people who turn this raw dirty fluff into some of the most amazing fabrics and materials, and as it turns out amazing filling for our cushions.

To source the timber we spent two days around Knysna, visiting sawmills, keln driers, talking with furniture makers, driving deep into the forests looking at dozens of different local woods to finally find just the right wood to be used.

The journey to ultimately create local, regenerative furniture as been insightful, fun and we have learnt so much. The Mist range is our first step to create furniture that is good for you, and for the planet.
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Our materials

Quality and durability are prioritised in every piece created by Man + Wife, and items are designed to be repaired, rather than needing to be replaced. When it eventually needs to be discarded at some future point, it will have minimal environmental impact. Materials used in our current range:

Waste Wool

Instead of the urethane foam used in most furniture cushioning, Man + Wife uses locally sourced waste wool from Butterworth (wool offcuts that would otherwise be discarded), or wool from a regeneratively certified farm in Hogsback.

In fact we've done our best to reduce plastic as much as possible in our furniture.

Hard Pear and SA Pine

The hardwoods used for wooden detailing are hard pear, sourced from carefully managed indigenous forests. Wood is sourced from expired trees, each certified by SANParks. The wood is finished using natural linseed oils.

The internal framing of the furniture is currently made from South African pine from sustainable forests and plantations from Stutterheim and Hogsback.

Upholstery fabric

Our upholstery fabric uses a combination of locally sourced cotton and olefin fibres, and is woven into custom designed fabric. We also have an option of using fabric made from recycled PET bottles.

Felting is made from recycled fabric remnants

Regenerative leather

We use leather which is farmed on an EOV certified regenerative farm. Regenerative farming grows the topsoil which captures large amounts of carbon, offsetting any emissions made by the animal.
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